So, been playing a lot of Zombicide lately. Recruited my daughters to paint the minis :)) They loved the 3D part of the freeform edition I made (see previous blog post), but the game plays a lot smoother with the original rules... so I started to make the original boards in 3D.

Here's what mission #08, from the original rules, looks like :

Yeah, I know, still with crappy quality pictures :oops:

Notice, also, the little additions like painting the yellow ring on the runners to spot them easily. All boards will be decorated to the standards of the 3C, respecting the original themes whenever possible. I made them slightly larger than the originals : 12''x12'', and they're stackable for easy storage.

Inside, with the furnishings

The base is ¼'' MDF cut to 11 15/16'' squares. Roads are 3'' wide with a 1'' sidewalk... and, yep, the walls, floors and sidewalks are made from 3/16'' (4mm) foamcore. The walls are 2¾'' tall and the doors are cut as 1''x 1¾''. Doors on a full tile side wall are centered 3'' from each corner and on a partial side wall (corner buildings) are centered 2'' from the building front and the tile corner. All other doors and interior walls are approximated. Don't forget to position doors from every room to each street section it touches. The sidewalk and interior floors are glued after all walls. This leaves a 3/16'' crack at each door threshold... hope you kept those scrap pieces of foamcore you cut off for the doors. Just sand them down a bit so they can easily be re-inserted back. You can use them as doors or windows to block off unused openings by painting them accordingly. You just stick'em in that threshold crack and squeeze them into position and they'll hold by friction. It's the simplest way I found to make the doors.

Interior finishings are a mix of and other sources, but my super-helpfull ace-in-the-hole is : Tommy Gun. The best place to find his free stuff is on his new site . Check him out, you won't regret it!

Eventually, I might make roofs or second stories for my buildings as I'm also going to use them for Dust Tactics...